Derek Lewis II

Quality Care Director, Arkansas Primary Care Clinics; CEO & Founder, DL2 Consulting

Derek Lewis currently serves as the Founder and President of DL2 Consulting which is a boutique healthcare consulting firm. DL2 Consulting was established in 2012 and provides strategy, marketing, business development, and performance improvement solutions to clients in the healthcare and non-profit sectors. Derek also serves as the president of his family’s private foundation the Derek Lewis Foundation whose mission is to improve community health by addressing health disparities and collaborating with healthcare thought leaders to improve health equity in the state of Arkansas.

Dr. Jason Lofton

Physician, Lofton Family Clinic

Dr. Jason Lofton has been practicing family medicine in De Queen, Arkansas for 16 years.  He is a local medical director with Aledade ACO and has been participating in the Arkansas Behavioral Health Integration Network for 2 years.  He has served as the county health officer for Sevier County for the past decade and helped lead Sevier County through the COVID crisis by having weekly meetings with various leaders in the county.

Julie Carman-Calvery, APRN

Behavioral Health Clinical Director, Boston Mountain Rural Health Clinic

Julie Carman is the Behavioral Health Clinical Director and a Psych Provider at Boston Mountain Rural Health Clinic. She joined Boston Mountain in February 2021 as a psychiatric nurse practitioner and transitioned into the Clinical Director Role in September 2022. In addition to seeing patients, Julie provides administrative and clinical support that fosters quality care, provider education, collaboration, and team building.

Sarah Watkins, RN

RN Care Coordinator at MANA Medical Associates of Northwest Arkansas

Sarah is a nurse who works with physicians to provide quality care through engagement and education at MANA Medical Associates of Northwest Arkansas.  She identifies patients who are at high risk for certain diseases and recommends appropriate preventative care. She also helps patients coordinate wellness visits, age-appropriate health screenings, and referrals to medical specialists.

Christina Smith

Quality Care and Behavioral Health Supervisor, Process Improvement Director, Prime Care

Christina Smith is the Quality Care and Behavioral Health Supervisor as well as the Process Improvement Director at the PrimeCare Medical Clinic. PrimeCare has been very active in integrating behavioral health services within their medical clinics for more than 5 years. It is Christina’s  responsibility to continue the growth and improvements of BHI and continuity of care between the medical teams, behavioral health teams as well as contracted providers to provide the most effective care possible for the whole patient.

Pennie Biggerstaff

Clinic Administrator, North Hills

Pennie Biggerstaff, BBA is the Practice Administrator for North Hills Family Medical Center.  She has 32 years of experience working with primary care and specialty independent practices.  Pennie has facilitated transforming the primary care clinic into a patient-centered, team-based approach to delivering care, with a focus on improving patient engagement and health outcomes.